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May 22, 2018

Turn on Your Star Power and kick off the Spring season.  Summer is right around the corner and things are going to get busier. Today I speak about a few ways you can quickly Turn on Your Star Power:

  • I share a few ways you can do some Spring wardrobe-closet clearing and get your wardrobe up to date and ready for the summer days to come. 
  • Try out some new makeup colors.  We get in a rut sometimes and continue to wear the same colors and products.  Get to a counter near you and have them do a small makeup lesson on what colors you can wear now.
  • Relieve some stress by taking a time out and do something fun.  Have a date night with your partner and enjoy the time together.
  • Take a different route to work or to school.  You'll never know what you might just find that you didn't know exist.  It might just be your next favorite hang out spot.
  • Watch a sunset and let the stresses of the day roll off of you. 
  • Add some fun accessories to your life, they can really make or break your outfit.  Try something a little bit more bold than you would usually wear.  H&M and Forever 21 are two of my favorite places to shop for trendy accessories and inexpensively as well.

And so much more.

Here are a few products to Turn on Your Star Power and get back some luster into your skin and hair. 

Loofah Sponge

L'Occitane Shea Body Butter

Bumble & Bumble Cream De Coco Deep Hair Conditioner


Enjoy -- and Happy Spring!!


Love Always,