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Jun 28, 2021

Greetings Lovely Lifers,

Did you know that you only have about 10 seconds when meeting someone for the first time to make a great first and lasting impression?

Today I will cover 12 attributes to help you do just that.

Take good notes and knock your first meeting someone new out of the park.

I'll see you inside.


Feb 13, 2020

We always talk about the importance of setting goals and the importance of writing them down and having them on our to-do lists, but, just as important, do you acknowledge them when you reach the goal?  

A few years ago, I learned the importance of not only setting our goals but, also keeping a separate journal where...

Jan 9, 2020

Don't you just love the feeling of a fresh start?  Well, that's what ringing in a new year means to all of us. Its a time for a reflection.  A time for us to gather our thoughts and make some new decisions that we can use to make our upcoming year a better, bigger, and, bolder one.

I was at the Oprah 2020 Vision Tour in...

Dec 17, 2018

We all go through this craziness with the new year here.  We try to figure out what we want to do in the new year.  But, realistically we can only do so much right?  

Do you know what you would like to achieve for yourself and your family this year?

Did you write down all of your goals and aspirations?  It's never too...