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Apr 6, 2020

Greetings my Lifers,

Today's episode is a short reminder that when things are bogging us down we should not walk with our heads down, but, rather walk with our heads up and from time-to-time take a look up into the sky for answers to some of our biggest, burning questions.

After I took a fall into a sinkhole back in 1998, I was forever walking through the streets of NYC looking down at the ground as I traveled from block to block.  I wanted to make sure I didn't hit any cracks, bumps or God forbid, fall into another hole.  

Then one day I was a book from one of my mentor coaches and I heard him say, "lookup".  And, I immediately felt like he was speaking directly to me.  When I would walk through the streets of the city, I began looking up and it became a game for me.  I was amazed at when I'd say to myself "look up" and I did, I'd see something beautiful.  

I'd take long strolls on the beach and look up, each time I did, I'd see a thing of beauty, whether it was a dragonfly, a beautiful bird, stars in the evening sky or a beautiful moon, sunrise or sunset or a rainbow.  All of which made my heart sing.  

If you have a lot on your mind today (which most of us do), when you're out on your daily walk, take this advice and begin to look up into the sky for some answers to those burning questions of yours.  Not only may you see something of beauty,  but you will also realize that we are the smaller sum on a larger scale.  

Stay safe, happy and healthy.

All My Love,


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