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Feb 13, 2020

We always talk about the importance of setting goals and the importance of writing them down and having them on our to-do lists, but, just as important, do you acknowledge them when you reach the goal?  

A few years ago, I learned the importance of not only setting our goals but, also keeping a separate journal where you can actually acknowledge those achievements on the important things we set out to do for ourselves, whether it was a personal or a business thing. 

Do you keep an acknowledgment journal?  A place where you can capture all of those amazing things that happen to you along your journey?  Keeping a journal or notebook that is solely dedicated to this purpose is crucial.  

Today's episode is about the importance of doing just that.  

If you're already doing this, my hat's off to you, and if you aren't, then, its time to get started.  You've accomplished a lot of things in your time, now let's start celebrating.

Here's to more amazing things along your journey.

With Love,




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