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Sep 25, 2018

Are you happy?  Do people who know you say "you're always smiling" what's up with that?  Or, "how do you stay so happy?". 


I learned when I was around 22 that happiness is not something we're born with, but, something that we cultivate in our lives.  I read this book "Happiness is a Choice" by Frank M.D. Minirth and Paul Meier (if you've never read it, I highly suggest checking it out.  


I picked up a copy of this book because after I was hit by the drunk driver and my mom's passing away, I felt myself go into a deep funk, a depression of sorts.  I hid it from my family and friends, but, I didn't feel the same way before my mom died or before the accident. 

My best friend was now gone and I had some serious injuries to my spine that the doctors said would be with me for the rest of my life unless I had a surgery which they didn't feel I should do at the time or guarantee me that it would last. 

Either way, I was sad, despondent, felt broken and was broke financially, I felt separated from the rest of the world and didn't know which way to turn.

 So I prayed about it and God would drop some hints my way.  I'd get some golden nuggets of information from books or conferences I'd attend, or strangers I'd talk to you on a plane.

I refused to take the antidepressants or medicines that the doctors gave me for pain.  I can't begin to tell you how many different prescriptions they gave me from the various doctors I saw and chose not to take any of them.  My goal was to heal as much naturally as I could and sustain the injuries and get my happiness and claim my life back. 

Depression, for those who may have suffered from it, or, are suffering from it know how debilitating it can be.  One day you feel great, the next you don't know what hit you. 


Today's episode is about how you should learn how to create moments of happiness and bring back that smile, that glow and get your life back on track.


Stay strong my friends.  Remember, happiness is not just a choice, it's a necessity!!!


Remember to live happily, peacefully, lovingly, successfully, necessarily and luxuriously,






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