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Jul 24, 2018

Today is National Tequila Day.  Tequila is one of my favorite drinks.  The first time I ever had it was in Mexico back in 1983.  Have you ever seen the worm at the bottle of Tequila?  It freaked me out the first time I saw one.  Couldn't believe that people actually drank it.

Tequila is made from the blue agave plant which is harvested by hand.  It's stripped down and ground up in a stone bowl and then the extract is collected and distilled.  One of my favorite brands is Herradura Tequila it's smooth and best when chilled.

How can you celebrate Tequila Day?  Well, if you have a Bahama Breeze restaurant near you, they're offering $5 Margaritas 7/24 - 7/26.  Better yet, pick up Or, pick up a nice bottle of tequila (see above link) and make them at home with some fresh squeezed lime juice and simple sugar, blend with ice and viola - you're Margarita.  You can also add fruit of your choice.  I just love a Strawberry Margarita.  Be sure to call over some friends, and have them bring the Guacamole, chips and Salsa dip, put on some Mexican tunes and get in the groove. 

You could also go for a tequila tasting.  Check out your local libation stores to see if anyone is running one.  

Have fun, share some of your Margarita or Tequila drinks and remember to always drink responsibly.