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Apr 13, 2018

April is Straw Hat Month.  I just love straw hats.  Today's episode I give a quick talk on the history of straw hats and how many uses they have.

I started wearing straw hats in the 80's in New York City.  Not only are they stylish and fun, there are so many new styles that they didn't have back then and they also serve many other great functions.  They can help with:

a) Shield you from the sun's damaging rays.

b) Keep a hairdo looking great from rainy weather.

c) Help you stay cool by releasing the heat from the hot sun in the summer months.

d) Make you look stylish, fun and creative.

e) Can hide your hair on a bad-hair day.

f) Conversation starter.


Straw hats are made from many types of grasses and straw.  Did you know that palm trees and grasses have much in common?  

So take a quick listen, enjoy and get your hat on!


With much love,