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Jun 9, 2020

Hello, my Lifers,

I'm so excited about today's show.  Our guest, Melody Brooke, author of "Oh Wow, This Changes Everything" is a professional marriage and family counselor who has over 30 years of relationship counseling experience.  She's here with us today to talk about relationships, intimacy, and how we can get closer to our love and keep it from falling apart. 

In today's show we speak about:

  • How to keep from flying off the handle when our love does one of those pesky things that can get under our skin and get us fired up.
  • How we can add some more va-va-voom in the bedroom by learning how to communicate with your partner and let them know exactly what you want and desire when making love.

and so much more.  So grab your coffee, cocktail, or green juice and let's go for a relationship ride to partnering bliss.

Learn more about Melody  

Here's to keeping your love life burning bright try this fun game Truth or Dare The Sexy Game of Naughty Choices.


With Much Love,



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