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Jul 24, 2018

When the pressure is on, it's easy for us to crack under it.  Are you able to remain calm and poised or do you fly off the handle like a madman when things are getting out of whack?

I used to be the second one above many, many years ago and then I quickly learned that it wasn't going to do my health any good so I learned how to adjust and become more peaceful when handling stress.

It's never easy when we're faced with challenging moments.  Our fight or flight response will always kick into high gear leaving us frazzled and exhausted.


Today's quick episode contains a podcast I did about this topic,  then I actually had a challenging moment, and I recorded another message while I was in the thick of it.  


Remember when you're in that stress zone to stay as calm as possible and remember "this too shall pass".


Here are some books on the subject that will help with all of the above:

When Life Sucks

Stress Proof

Stress Management...


Hang in there my friends and think Zen!!




Jun 18, 2018

Today's guest is Teresha Young, she is known as “The Confidence Restyler”.  Teresha is an accredited and certified Relationship Master Coach specializing in showing women how to reconnect with who they are and find confidence in themselves in order to have healthy, fulfilling relationships with themselves and with others in any kind of relationship; be it professional, family, platonic or romantic.

She has spent years becoming skilled and experienced in the areas of coaching, personal development, self-confidence and in how to have a true connection with others.  Today she is our guest and she is ready to help you get connected to yourself and to finding ways you can heal yourself and find true love with yourself and others.

She's come to talk with us from the other side of the pond, from the lovely United Kingdom.  We will discuss:


  • The importance of loving yourself and how you can love yourself more fully.
  • How forgiveness is crucial to living a high quality of life.
  • How to stop sabotaging your relationships.
  • Various ways how we can change the auto negative thoughts that can ruin our happiness.
  • The importance of adding meditation into your life and how it can drastically change your life for the better.

 And so much more.

 Additionally, here are some books that have helped me break some of the negative habits we spoke of and have helped me gain peace and tranquility in my life:


May Cause Miracles

Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today

Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!

In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want


Next Level Thinking: 10 Powerful Thoughts for a Successful and Abundant Life

Stay in  touch with Teresha:

Facebook: Teresha Young or Diamond Clarity Heartnet




Remember to live happily, peacefully, lovingly and successfully, Namaste!





Aug 8, 2017

This week was National Sister's Day. Do you have siblings?  Are any of them sisters?  Are you close with your sister(s) or is there some friction between you?


I have two older sisters.  One is 16 years older and the other 14 years older. When I was growing up, especially during my teenage years I definitely felt as though I had three mothers.  They would say, "you can't do this", "don't do that" it was very constricting and that's probably one of the reasons why I rebelled.  Now that I'm more mature, I can truly appreciate their love and care they had for me while growing up.  


Do you appreciate your siblings or do you take them for granted?  Are you still fighting or competing with them?  If the later, it's time to take off the boxing gloves and start pulling on the heart strings. 

Our time on this earth is quite brief and it seems to move at lightning speed the older we get.  Don't waste any more of this precious time.  Begin today to tell her how much you care. You can begin by picking up a small token of appreciation.  Here are some fun gifts you can buy today to begin your sisterly love journey:

Popcorn Set

Clinique Gift Set

The Relaxation Bubble Bath Gift Set


There are many ideas for gift giving to the ones you love.  Happy Sister Day!! Remember, there's no love, like sisterly love.  God Bless!


Remember to live Peacefully, Successfully, Lovingly and Happily.








Apr 10, 2017

Today's episode is a short one but packs a powerful punch.  Do you ever feel stuck in your situation, almost frozen like, or feel like you're in prison and are unable to live the the life you want?  We all have our binds that tie us from what we really want.  Now to think about how you can gain some freedom back into your life.

Do you feel free to be (fill in the blank)? Whatever it is you are seeking, it seeks you too.  So go on, break free from those chains that are binding you and feel free again to be....






Mar 15, 2017

Do you often feel like you’re stuck at the red light waiting for it to turn green? If you’re  anything like me, impatience can quickly set in when I know I have to be somewhere or have lot to do and its taking too long. 

Do you give yourself permission  to be the person you want to be or live the life you want to live?  Sometimes, I think we wait for permission from other people to move forward on a thing, or goal, or a life dream and can get zapped from ever seeing the light of day.

One thing I’ve learned from living here in Tampa coming from NYC is that lights here can actually take 11 minutes to change (I timed one once). I can eat breakfast, make a few phone calls, check my email and give dictation memo  before it even turns green.  Talk about frustration. 

One day I thought about the difference between the frustration of waiting for the light to turn green, it also made me realize that I can have a better life is to stop being impatient and make use of the time while waiting. But, when, it came down to real crux of the matter, I used to wait for the "green light", the "OK", the "permission" from others to do the things I wanted to do but there was this huge, bright RED light stopping me dead in my tracks.

I’d find myself beginning to feel guilt, or, worse, undeserving of wanting this for myself.  I fought these feelings and had to persist.  So, without one day without further hesitation, I decided I would make my own decisions and listen to my gut and follow the spirit guiding me.  I’m so happy I have, because there have been so many times when I listened and things worked out for the best. 

Check out today’s episode is about thinking about whether or not you give yourself permission to do the things you’d like to do in life (in all areas of your life).  Are you thinking about going back to school to make a  change in your career but might be afraid of what your family, husband, etc. will feel?  Does the guilt hold you?  I’ve had it happen to me more than once and I’m here to say, it, well, sucks.  We want to be able to shoot for the big dream, then BAM something transpires to make us change our minds, or, put it on the back burner or forget about the idea all together.  Don’t let this happen to you. 

Take a listen to today’s episode and I hope it’ll help you turn your light from red to green and give yourself permission to lead your best life.

Remember to Live: Peacefully, lovingly, happily and successfully - Namaste!

Dawn-Marie Mutell




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Oct 19, 2016
LNNL EP#011 - How Can You Get What You Want if You Don't Ask For It?

One of the hardest things for me growing up was to ask for what I wanted.  Even if someone asked me what I wanted, I was often vague and a bit squeamish trying to articulate what it was that I wanted.  Until, one day, as I was reading a book, (I don't recall which one it was) and it read "do you ask for what you want?".  I thought about that question for some time and realized I truly didn't.

As the time went on, I slowly began asking for what I wanted and was in awe of the great responses I'd receive.  I seemed to get more Yes' than no's. 

Today's episode is a quick but important one to help you reach your goals and strive to fulfill your dreams.  So take a listen and begin to ask for what you want.  If you don't ask for what you want, guess what happens?  You'll never get it!!!  So, today's episode is to make you ponder the question:  Do I ask for what I want? 

Take a listen, and get determined to start asking for what you want, you'll be amazed and what happens.

If you like this episode, please share the love, subscribe and please leave me a comment to let me know how this affects your life and if it makes a difference in it.

Live happily, lovingly, peacefully and successfully,







Jul 20, 2016
LNNL EP#007 Awaken The Power Within

In today's interview, Victoria will help you break some of your bad habits and change your mindset on how to create some new good habits. 

Do you find your emotions tend to rule your world?  Do you get upset easily?  If so, then you should warrant a listen to today's episode.  Victoria Hargis is the author of "Raw Leadership - Awaken Your Power Within" she will help you change your internal negative thought pattern and help you break free from your bad habits and in turn create new good habits.

Learn how to change your vibration and become happier in the interim.

Take a listen, you'll be glad you did.

Here is a copy of the link to the book.  It's a great deal at $.99, you can't afford not to get a copy:

Victoria's Book

Please visit Victoria's website for a free PDF on the Fields of Power that are always around us and how we can change some of the for more energy and more power to make changes successfully:


join her facebook group for women only at:

I wish you much luck on your journey of self-improvement.

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Much love and success,

Dawn-Marie Mutell


May 23, 2016

Are you tired of the dating scene? Are you looking for that real love?  One that will last a lifetime.  It's so hard to find ways to meet people today let alone trying to really find a love that will be a one-of-a-kind love.  

Today's guest is Christina Courting.  I call her the "love doctor".  She has a system for dating which can really get and keep your man.  Check it out!


Learn more about Christina and her programs here at:


May 9, 2016
LNNL EP#001 Want to Be Happy?

Maura Sweeney of Maura 4 U will share some insights as to how we can become happier and live more vibrantly.







May 1, 2016
LNNL EP#002 Learn How to Protect Yourself - April is Sexual Assault Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month.  Sexual violence prevention requires many voices and roles.  Prevention is possible and I wondered, how many of us know exactly what we should do if you were being followed by an attacker or about to be attacked? Do you feel secure enough that you can protect yourself and keep you from harm's way?  

Who better to help teach us than Jennifer Cassetta, a Third-Degree Black Belt in Hap-Ki-Do and Nutritionist who is a currently featured expert on the ABC reality weight-loss show "My Diet is Better Than Yours".  Jennifer's Strong, Safe & Sexy self-defense tips will help physically protect you and her fun approach to nutrition will keep you going strong and look great in the process.

You can find more information about Jennifer at Jennifer's Website

Check out Jennifer's book: Hear Me Roar 

Her kick-ass videos  that are not only going to make you look great, they can help protect you from harm:  Strong, Safe & Sexy workout videos

Jennifer's Diet plan:  My Diet is Better Than Yours 21 Day Meal Plan

If you or someone you love are in need of assistance, please don't hesitate to get help immediately.   

Help and Resources:

-Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline:

 1-800-4-A-CHILD (800)422-4453

-National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC):

-The Hero Project - A Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape Project:

-Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN):

-Child Welfare Information Gateway:

-Darkness to Light:

-Prevent Child Abuse America:



Please be safe out there.

With Much Love,



 Jennifer Cassetta photo credit:  Michael Cinquino






Apr 25, 2016
LNNL EP#000 - Introduction

Thanks for stopping by, this is an introduction to the Life's Necessities & Luxuries podcast.  A show I've created to offer tips, tricks, shortcuts to living a fashionably necessary and luxurious life.  

There will also be interviews with professionals who have helped made major changes in their lives and of lives of others.

Welcome aboard, I'm so glad you came. This is a great step to living a luxurious and necessary life on a beer and pretzels budget.

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Life's Necessities & Luxuries

Remember to live Happily, Peacefully & Successfully,