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May 26, 2017

Today is National Don’t Fry Day.  It is the day where we are to become more aware of learning ways we can protect our skin from the sun’s dangerous rays and the damage that it can wreak on our skin. 

My dad had skin cancer on his face, on his nose and shoulder to be exact.  He loved to sit in the back yard on his days off in the summertime without a shirt and with his fair skin, he’d burn and turn red like a lobster, but that didn’t seem to deter him from doing it again the next day. 

I understand, it was his way to relax, he would read the paper out in the back yard, chill out and get some Vitamin D.  Little did he know it at the time, but, he was severely damaging his skin by doing it year after year which is why he ended up with skin cancer.  When he began having issues, the doctors had to remove several growths that were cancerous.   He was in a lot of pain.

I also was a sun worshiper as a teen.  I couldn't get enough time at the beach.  I can remember me and my girlfriends slathering on baby oil mixed with iodine in it  to give us more of a “glow” and then to boot, we’d use the sun visors up under our chins begging the sun to fry our faces a little bit more.

My mom would always yell at me to stop tanning so much and to wear some sun screen.  I eventually listened and in my late 20’s I began sitting under the umbrella at the beach.  Although I still enjoy a great tan, I use the highest SPF I can find and limit the amount of sun exposure.  Premature aging is not pretty.  Have you ever seen the movie There’s Something About Mary?    Remember the old lady neighbor who was wrinkled like a prune?  Do you want your skin to look like that?  I know I don’t and it frightens the heck out of me.

In order to keep your skin free from sun damage, be sure that when you go outdoors that you wear sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 or higher.  Be sure to reapply often as I believe most of them only last between 60-80 minutes so be definitely read the labels so you'll know when its time to reapply.

There are many natural products out there now as well in case you’re looking for alternatives to what’s at the drugstores and supermarkets.

Here are some products to keep you from frying not only your skin, lips, hands and hair to keep yourself protected from the sun’s damaging rays:

Natural Sunscreen

Face Protection

Lip Protection

Hair Protector from the Sun

Hand Protection

And if you do over do it and get a bit crispy, here are a couple of life savers to remove the sting from the burn:

Sunburn Relief

One of the best things I like to do to protect myself is to always wear sunglasses (be sure they have a UV coating) and a hat when spending time outdoors.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Hat for Woman

Hat for Men

Better still, avoid the sun altogether -- just use self tanner to look like a sun-kissed God or Goddess:

Nivea Sunless Tanner

I hope you and your families have an amazing Memorial Day weekend. 

God Bless America.  Stay safe!


Love, peace, happiness & success,


Dawn-Marie Mutell




Apr 17, 2017

Greetings Lovelies,

Spring has finally Sprung and summer's soon to follow suit.

How is your closet and wardrobe looking?  Are you up to snuff on your Spring fashion? Are you thinking about a little refresher? If so, take a listen to today's episode and catch up on what's hot and what's not! 

A few months ago I was interviewed on the Ed Tyll show, we covered various topics on fashion including the upcoming Spring 2017 fashion trends, color theory and headshot what not to do and what to do to look your best in your headshot.

Please listen till the end as I make an offer to help you get your fashion on for Spring!  Enjoy the show.


Live Happily, Successfully, Lovingly & Peacefully,


Dawn-Marie Mutell



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Apr 10, 2017

Today's episode is a short one but packs a powerful punch.  Do you ever feel stuck in your situation, almost frozen like, or feel like you're in prison and are unable to live the the life you want?  We all have our binds that tie us from what we really want.  Now to think about how you can gain some freedom back into your life.

Do you feel free to be (fill in the blank)? Whatever it is you are seeking, it seeks you too.  So go on, break free from those chains that are binding you and feel free again to be....






Mar 15, 2017

Do you often feel like you’re stuck at the red light waiting for it to turn green? If you’re  anything like me, impatience can quickly set in when I know I have to be somewhere or have lot to do and its taking too long. 

Do you give yourself permission  to be the person you want to be or live the life you want to live?  Sometimes, I think we wait for permission from other people to move forward on a thing, or goal, or a life dream and can get zapped from ever seeing the light of day.

One thing I’ve learned from living here in Tampa coming from NYC is that lights here can actually take 11 minutes to change (I timed one once). I can eat breakfast, make a few phone calls, check my email and give dictation memo  before it even turns green.  Talk about frustration. 

One day I thought about the difference between the frustration of waiting for the light to turn green, it also made me realize that I can have a better life is to stop being impatient and make use of the time while waiting. But, when, it came down to real crux of the matter, I used to wait for the "green light", the "OK", the "permission" from others to do the things I wanted to do but there was this huge, bright RED light stopping me dead in my tracks.

I’d find myself beginning to feel guilt, or, worse, undeserving of wanting this for myself.  I fought these feelings and had to persist.  So, without one day without further hesitation, I decided I would make my own decisions and listen to my gut and follow the spirit guiding me.  I’m so happy I have, because there have been so many times when I listened and things worked out for the best. 

Check out today’s episode is about thinking about whether or not you give yourself permission to do the things you’d like to do in life (in all areas of your life).  Are you thinking about going back to school to make a  change in your career but might be afraid of what your family, husband, etc. will feel?  Does the guilt hold you?  I’ve had it happen to me more than once and I’m here to say, it, well, sucks.  We want to be able to shoot for the big dream, then BAM something transpires to make us change our minds, or, put it on the back burner or forget about the idea all together.  Don’t let this happen to you. 

Take a listen to today’s episode and I hope it’ll help you turn your light from red to green and give yourself permission to lead your best life.

Remember to Live: Peacefully, lovingly, happily and successfully - Namaste!

Dawn-Marie Mutell




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