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Feb 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day.

Today's episode may seem a little risque, but, really, it isn't.  I'm offering you 20 ways to help ignite the fire in your love life.  If you feel like your love-life needs a little kick in the butt, here are some tips to help you keep the flames burning bright in your romance.


Some of the items I mention:

Victoria's Secret Bra & Panty Set

Adam & Eve Sexy Game Board for Couples

Sexy Massage Oils for Couples

Adult Toys

Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease


Well, I hope these tips will bring you happiness, love and more romance.






Oct 19, 2017

Today is "National Get Smart About Financial Credit Day".  I'm currently in the process of finishing up my second edit of my book "151 Musically Inspired Ways to Live a Very Necessary & Luxurious Life (on a Beer and Pretzels Budget)" I'm pulling a couple of pointers out from the book (be sure to sign up at to put yourself on our mailing list so that you'll be the first to know when it comes out and be the first to grab a copy).

This episode will cover a couple of quick tips to help you in the financial arena as well as a few ways you can think about how you can change your job or career.


Stay financially sound and sane.  Until the next time,




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Oct 17, 2017

Today is National Pasta Day.  Do you like pasta?  Which is your favorite pasta dish? 

Here are a few links to some of the best pasta tools and pasta food finds you'll need to make your very special pasta dish at home.

Pasta Makers

Pasta Strainers

Italian Pasta Sauce

Sauce Spoons

Italian Sausage


Enjoy - Mangia!!





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Sep 21, 2017

Today is National Leg Wear Day and it made me wonder how many of you ladies out there take advantage of this soon to be forgotten fashion accessory? Which type do you like to wear? Are you the traditional type wearing only solid black, navy or nude? Or, are you more adventurous type wearing wild patterns, checks, prints and vibrant colors?

As a professional image consultant I've learned that leg wear can make or break an outfit. Also, it is imperative to wear them if the occasion calls for it. If you notice, more and more women are steering clear of wearing them. I still consult my clients and tell them the importance of wearing a pair, especially if it's for an important meeting or if you're say, speaking on stage.

When I teach my “What's My Style” fashion class, I help women and men learn what their fashion styles are – there are 7. If you're interested in learning what yours is, stop by my website at: and sign up at the bottom right hand of the page and I'll be sure to let you know of the next time I offer the webinar.

Fall has arrived and now's the time to take advantage of the season by adding some cool and fun leggings as well as tights, pantyhose and other fun legwear by incorporating them into your daily fashion routines.

Have you ever thought about wearing a pair of fishnets to the office? Some folks may think that's a little bit much, but, you most certainly can wear them as long as they're the right webbing. For instance, the larger the weave, the less “sexy” they look. I found several pair years ago that I love to wear to work, they're beige, white and purple. I've worn them to office meetings, network events and speaking engagements. They actually look fun, exciting and personable. Here are a couple you can try:

Fishnet Stockings 

If you like more of the creative styles, you may like to add some of these fun and whimsical ones:

Fun & Whimsical Tights

Not only do these tights make your legs look more fashionable, up-to-date and pulled together; you'll also be able to camouflage some of those not-so-lovely things that you may not like about them such as spider and varicose veins, scars or stretch marks AND the best part is that you may even be able to skip a couple of leg shavings (no one will know but you and possibly your significant other).


I remember when I had my ankle tendon repair surgery. It was back in 2004 and I had this terrible looking scar that ran from one end of my ankle to another (I fell in a sink hole outside my home in Brooklyn) and wearing tights and dark color pantyhose make me feel so much better about the appearance of my legs. It covered up the scar until it was lightened where I could go back to wearing au-naturel They were my saving grace. They not only kept the scar from being seen, it also kept me from constantly looking at it as a reminder of the fall.

If you've never been one to wear tights, you might want to begin slowly. I'd say introduce a pair that might have a tiny tight weave or small light pattern. Nothing too flashy or revealing. But, if you're looking to go from “drab and dreary to a vixen” then try on some thigh highs. Here are a couple of my favorites:

 Thigh Highs

You can't help but immediately feel sexier once you slide on your first pair and, another bonus, your partner will be drooling all over you once they find out what you're wearing. If you want to push the envelope, add a garter belt to match.

Here are a couple of combination hosiery:

Garter Belts with Stockings 

The last thing I want to share with you is that the legging or even   Jeggings (jeans/legging combo) is one of the quickest ways to enhance your casual work pieces which you can add to your wardrobe that will not only flatter just about every leg length out there, but, they're quite easy to wear, comfortable as hell and you can wear them year-round. Some of my favorites are Lulumon just add your favorite pair of ballet flats wear a long tunic or man-tailored blouse, tie a sweater over your neck add a couple of necklaces, a chunky cuff bracelet, cool funky earrings and viola instant chic. You're on way to looking beautiful whether you're going to the office, Sunday brunch or shopping with your BFF's.

Well that's all for today lovelies. I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you did, please share the love and pass it on to someone you know who will also enjoy it.

Don't forget to sign up at for the next webinar of the “What's My Style” webinar.

Remember to live peacefully, happily, lovingly and successfully.


Until the next time, Namaste!





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Aug 16, 2017

Today is National I Love My Feet Day!  Do you pamper your tootsies? If you're anything like me, you love a great pair of shoes, am I right? Ladies out there, we tend to squeeze our feet into shoes that don't fit us correctly.  Are too tight around the toes or just don't fit well.

Since today is in honor of our tootsies, I thought I would give a quick little homage to them.  I don't think we give our poor little toes enough justice.  We take them for granted.  How often do you get a pedicure?  Is it just during the summer months when you know people will see your toes?  I hope not.  Our feet need to be cared for year-round.

If you're a runner in particular, then you must know how you can truly beat them up.  

If you're ashamed to flaunt your digits it may be because you haven't been taking good care of them in the first place.  If you have a fungus, I will be adding a link below to a great product to quickly help get rid of it.  Be sure to keep your toes dry and that will also keep the fungus away.


Here are a few of my favorite toe treats:

Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula

Pedicure Sandals

Foot Massage Bath

Foot Fungus Spray

Essie Nail Color


Here's to keeping your tootsies happy, healthy and in great stride.


Happy Walking!!






Aug 11, 2017

Today is National Relaxation Day. What do you do to relax? Do you take time to relax? You know what is said about stress – it's the silent killer.


I know a lot about stress. When I work a full-time job, run two podcasts and a businesses to go along with them.  I take care of all of the editing, graphics, marketing, sales, typing, webmastering, and home caring and still trying to get my workouts in so that I can stay fit. There are so many daily stresses in our lives, we MUST find time to relax.  I didn't even touch on children.  I don't know how parents do it!   


One of my favorite things I used to love to do when I lived in NY and there weren't many places to go to relax was to find a fountain at one of the office buildings sit at it and hang out for about 30 minutes while I sipped a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa (depending on the time of day/ and time of year) and just from listening to the sound of the running water of the fountain, I'd train myself to immediately let go and deep breath and just BE in the moment and relax.


What do you do to de-stress? Do you take at least 15-20 minutes a day to yourself to unwind and just be? Finding the thing that gives you the most pleasure during the shortest amount of time is one way to help introduce it into your daily lives.


Here are some links to some of my favorite "calgon take me away" items I use to destress:


Jo Malone Scented Candles

Origins Ginger Salt Scrub

Lavender Body Moisturizer


Happy Relaxing.  Remember stay calm, stay serene and remain peaceful!!











Aug 10, 2017

Happy National Plan for a Vacation Day!

Along with a new year might just mean some new travel plans.   Whether you're about to take a vacation with your honey or go on a full blown family excursion, packing can be a real drag.

One of the things I've always loved best about this season is that we get to travel around with our friends and loved ones but if you're anything like me, packing for a trip can become quite a conundrum.  


Today's episode will cover the tips to pack with ease.  Sometimes packing for a trip can seem a bit daunting.  Not only do we own way too many things, we seem to want to take everything along with us. 


Unfortunately, we just can't empty out our homes when we travel on the road.  So, what's one to do?  One of the things is to always have a master packing list available at your fingertips.


This list has been a life saver and has saved me many hours of needless pain and agony over traveling.  I'd like to share it with you here today.  When its time to pack, I just print a new copy of the list and viola, packing becomes a breeze.  

Click the link below for a downloadable copy of this list here -- be sure to print out several copies before you go:

"The Ultimate Packing Checklist"

(just scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out your name and email and a copy will be sent to your inbox).


I've always been a bit envious of the folks that can just pack up a small bag and disappear on their journeys for weeks at a time.  Unfortunately as a fashion stylist, my wardrobe has grown along with my tastes.  Not only do I want to pack fabulous items to wear while away, I also work to have them work and be functional as well and, nowadays the number of electronic devices we use, there's so many things to possibly leave out.

Over the past 20 years of working in the travel, entertainment and meeting planning industry, I've learned a thing or two about the art of packing and today I'm going to cover some of them right here in this episode.  


Here are some of my favorite accessories to help make packing a breeze:


Packing Cubes

Carry On Luggage

Travel Size Containers

Travel Packing Accessories

Travel Charging Stations

Travel Power Chargers

Travel Laptop Cases

Travel Pillows

Here are some of the hair and beauty products that are great for travel:


Aveda Sun Care Hair Masque

So take a listen, get packing and get on the road again.


Happy Travels,


Live Peacefully, Happily, Lovingly & Successfully,






Aug 8, 2017

I just loved the movie Mermaids  with Cher and Wynona Ryder.  There was a scene when Wynona's character was asking Cher how would she know if this boy was "the one" and Cher bursts into song singing "The Shoop, Shoop Song (it's in his kiss)".  well, I often wonder if it's in his kiss or is it in yours?


One of the things I feel is often neglected are our lips.  We worry about wrinkles around our eyes, sagging skin, etc., but do we worry about taking care of our pucker? 


You're probably already saying to yourself "well, I put onl lipstick every day isn't that enough?"  Well, the answer to that is a big fat N.O.!!!


Our lips need special attention just like our eyes, neck or any other part of our face and body.  


If you find you have chapped, flaky lips, one of the quickest ways to heal them is to first take a dry toothbrush and rub it across your lips, this will help loosen the dry flaky skin and remove it.  Just don't brush too hard.


The second is to be sure to protect them especially in the harsh months during the winter and summer time.  I love the Clinique Targeted Balm.  I use this every time I go out in the sun or if in harsh winter I use it then as well.  It keeps your lips from getting sunburned and moistens them at the same time.  


A couple of my favorite chapped lip remedies are Carmex  and Blistex Lip Ointment .


And please don't forget -- not only do we need to take good care of our lips, but, we also need to take great care of what's around and in-between them as well. 


One of the quickest ways to look years younger is to whiten your teeth.  I'm a huge fan of the Crest White Strips. What I love most about them is that they work, they're affordable and you can travel with them.  The second best way which is a bit more time consuming a little bit more messy is to use a whitening bleach with trays and an LED Light which work very well for darker stains.

I love the feeling of mouthwash it always makes me feel like I have a clean mouth.  I'm so digging this cool mouthwash decanter.


Now don't forget after all your great efforts to make your pout beautiful and healthy, be sure to make it stand out and shine.  Some of my favorite lipglosses are from MAC, Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown.


Well my friends, there you have it. Now go get smooching. MMMMWWAAH!!  Big kisses to you.


Love & Kisses,











Aug 8, 2017

This week was National Sister's Day. Do you have siblings?  Are any of them sisters?  Are you close with your sister(s) or is there some friction between you?


I have two older sisters.  One is 16 years older and the other 14 years older. When I was growing up, especially during my teenage years I definitely felt as though I had three mothers.  They would say, "you can't do this", "don't do that" it was very constricting and that's probably one of the reasons why I rebelled.  Now that I'm more mature, I can truly appreciate their love and care they had for me while growing up.  


Do you appreciate your siblings or do you take them for granted?  Are you still fighting or competing with them?  If the later, it's time to take off the boxing gloves and start pulling on the heart strings. 

Our time on this earth is quite brief and it seems to move at lightning speed the older we get.  Don't waste any more of this precious time.  Begin today to tell her how much you care. You can begin by picking up a small token of appreciation.  Here are some fun gifts you can buy today to begin your sisterly love journey:

Popcorn Set

Clinique Gift Set

The Relaxation Bubble Bath Gift Set


There are many ideas for gift giving to the ones you love.  Happy Sister Day!! Remember, there's no love, like sisterly love.  God Bless!


Remember to live Peacefully, Successfully, Lovingly and Happily.








May 26, 2017

Today is National Don’t Fry Day.  It is the day where we are to become more aware of learning ways we can protect our skin from the sun’s dangerous rays and the damage that it can wreak on our skin. 

My dad had skin cancer on his face, on his nose and shoulder to be exact.  He loved to sit in the back yard on his days off in the summertime without a shirt and with his fair skin, he’d burn and turn red like a lobster, but that didn’t seem to deter him from doing it again the next day. 

I understand, it was his way to relax, he would read the paper out in the back yard, chill out and get some Vitamin D.  Little did he know it at the time, but, he was severely damaging his skin by doing it year after year which is why he ended up with skin cancer.  When he began having issues, the doctors had to remove several growths that were cancerous.   He was in a lot of pain.

I also was a sun worshiper as a teen.  I couldn't get enough time at the beach.  I can remember me and my girlfriends slathering on baby oil mixed with iodine in it  to give us more of a “glow” and then to boot, we’d use the sun visors up under our chins begging the sun to fry our faces a little bit more.

My mom would always yell at me to stop tanning so much and to wear some sun screen.  I eventually listened and in my late 20’s I began sitting under the umbrella at the beach.  Although I still enjoy a great tan, I use the highest SPF I can find and limit the amount of sun exposure.  Premature aging is not pretty.  Have you ever seen the movie There’s Something About Mary?    Remember the old lady neighbor who was wrinkled like a prune?  Do you want your skin to look like that?  I know I don’t and it frightens the heck out of me.

In order to keep your skin free from sun damage, be sure that when you go outdoors that you wear sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 or higher.  Be sure to reapply often as I believe most of them only last between 60-80 minutes so be definitely read the labels so you'll know when its time to reapply.

There are many natural products out there now as well in case you’re looking for alternatives to what’s at the drugstores and supermarkets.

Here are some products to keep you from frying not only your skin, lips, hands and hair to keep yourself protected from the sun’s damaging rays:

Natural Sunscreen

Face Protection

Lip Protection

Hair Protector from the Sun

Hand Protection

And if you do over do it and get a bit crispy, here are a couple of life savers to remove the sting from the burn:

Sunburn Relief

One of the best things I like to do to protect myself is to always wear sunglasses (be sure they have a UV coating) and a hat when spending time outdoors.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Hats for Women

Hats for Men

Better still, avoid the sun altogether -- just use self tanner to look like a sun-kissed God or Goddess:

Nivea Sunless Tanner

I hope you and your families have an amazing Memorial Day weekend. 

God Bless America.  Stay safe!


Love, peace, happiness & success,


Dawn-Marie Mutell




Apr 17, 2017

Greetings Lovelies,

Spring has finally Sprung and summer's soon to follow suit.

How is your closet and wardrobe looking?  Are you up to snuff on your Spring fashion? Are you thinking about a little refresher? If so, take a listen to today's episode and catch up on what's hot and what's not! 

A few months ago I was interviewed on the Ed Tyll show, we covered various topics on fashion including the upcoming Spring 2017 fashion trends, color theory and headshot what not to do and what to do to look your best in your headshot.

Please listen till the end as I make an offer to help you get your fashion on for Spring!  Enjoy the show.


Live Happily, Successfully, Lovingly & Peacefully,


Dawn-Marie Mutell



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Apr 10, 2017

Today's episode is a short one but packs a powerful punch.  Do you ever feel stuck in your situation, almost frozen like, or feel like you're in prison and are unable to live the the life you want?  We all have our binds that tie us from what we really want.  Now to think about how you can gain some freedom back into your life.

Do you feel free to be (fill in the blank)? Whatever it is you are seeking, it seeks you too.  So go on, break free from those chains that are binding you and feel free again to be....






Mar 15, 2017

Do you often feel like you’re stuck at the red light waiting for it to turn green? If you’re  anything like me, impatience can quickly set in when I know I have to be somewhere or have lot to do and its taking too long. 

Do you give yourself permission  to be the person you want to be or live the life you want to live?  Sometimes, I think we wait for permission from other people to move forward on a thing, or goal, or a life dream and can get zapped from ever seeing the light of day.

One thing I’ve learned from living here in Tampa coming from NYC is that lights here can actually take 11 minutes to change (I timed one once). I can eat breakfast, make a few phone calls, check my email and give dictation memo  before it even turns green.  Talk about frustration. 

One day I thought about the difference between the frustration of waiting for the light to turn green, it also made me realize that I can have a better life is to stop being impatient and make use of the time while waiting. But, when, it came down to real crux of the matter, I used to wait for the "green light", the "OK", the "permission" from others to do the things I wanted to do but there was this huge, bright RED light stopping me dead in my tracks.

I’d find myself beginning to feel guilt, or, worse, undeserving of wanting this for myself.  I fought these feelings and had to persist.  So, without one day without further hesitation, I decided I would make my own decisions and listen to my gut and follow the spirit guiding me.  I’m so happy I have, because there have been so many times when I listened and things worked out for the best. 

Check out today’s episode is about thinking about whether or not you give yourself permission to do the things you’d like to do in life (in all areas of your life).  Are you thinking about going back to school to make a  change in your career but might be afraid of what your family, husband, etc. will feel?  Does the guilt hold you?  I’ve had it happen to me more than once and I’m here to say, it, well, sucks.  We want to be able to shoot for the big dream, then BAM something transpires to make us change our minds, or, put it on the back burner or forget about the idea all together.  Don’t let this happen to you. 

Take a listen to today’s episode and I hope it’ll help you turn your light from red to green and give yourself permission to lead your best life.

Remember to Live: Peacefully, lovingly, happily and successfully - Namaste!

Dawn-Marie Mutell




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live a very Necessary and Luxurious life

Dec 21, 2016

It's a new year and with that in mind, I'm going to discuss some ways to get yourself motivated to reach your goals and aspirations for 2017.

Are you tired of living the life you currently have?  Do you want more out of life?  Are you looking for a new job, lover, husband, wife, soul mate?

What are you willing to sacrifice to make the necessary adjustments and changes you'll need to get what you want in 2017? 

Do you know what you want?  Or, do you just have an inkling as to what you think you might want?  Do you know how you're going to get it?

Check out some ways you can use persistence when it comes time to reaching your goals.  These tips will definitely help you get to where you're looking to go.

Well, grab a pen and paper and take a listen.  Take as many notes as you feel necessary.  Now let's get moving!  Have a very happy and successful 2017!


Live Successfully, Happily & Lovingly,

Dawn-Marie Mutell


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Dec 20, 2016
LNNL EP#012 - Silence Is Truly Golden -  Listen and Learn

Today's episode will be a short one, but, a very important one.  It's about questioning yourself on how you feel when you are surrounded in silence?  Do you feel uneasy?  Do you feel like running out of the room like it was on fire? 

Silence is the only place you can go to where you can hear your inner thoughts, desires and dreams.

So, take a listen and let me know in the comments below if you have any issues being in silence, or crave it, or how it might have helped you with a problem.

Live Successfully, lovingly and happily,


Dawn-Marie Mutell


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Oct 19, 2016
LNNL EP#011 - How Can You Get What You Want if You Don't Ask For It?

One of the hardest things for me growing up was to ask for what I wanted.  Even if someone asked me what I wanted, I was often vague and a bit squeamish trying to articulate what it was that I wanted.  Until, one day, as I was reading a book, (I don't recall which one it was) and it read "do you ask for what you want?".  I thought about that question for some time and realized I truly didn't.

As the time went on, I slowly began asking for what I wanted and was in awe of the great responses I'd receive.  I seemed to get more Yes' than no's. 

Today's episode is a quick but important one to help you reach your goals and strive to fulfill your dreams.  So take a listen and begin to ask for what you want.  If you don't ask for what you want, guess what happens?  You'll never get it!!!  So, today's episode is to make you ponder the question:  Do I ask for what I want? 

Take a listen, and get determined to start asking for what you want, you'll be amazed and what happens.

If you like this episode, please share the love, subscribe and please leave me a comment to let me know how this affects your life and if it makes a difference in it.

Live happily, lovingly, peacefully and successfully,







Sep 26, 2016
LNNL EP#010 - See The World and Let Your Dreams Come True

Are you one of those people who love to travel?  Or, are you someone who still has a bucket list of places you'd like to visit?  Either way, travel is an amazing way to learn and grow.  Unfortunately, it has become much more expensive and definitely not as much fun as it used to be (getting there that is). 

I've been an outside travel agent for more than 25 years.  And it's getting harder and harder to find great deals in travel.

Today's episode I give you 10 quick tips on ways to save money when booking your travel.

Enjoy,  I hope you visit many beautiful places and your travel dreams come true.

Bon Voyage,

Dawn-Marie Mutell


Aug 5, 2016
LNNL EP#009 Get Your Business Organized & System-A-Tized

Stephanie Calahan  is the Business Vision Catalyst and is known for the fast transformations she facilitates with clients through working at the intersection of the heart and the head.  She helps men and women to own their own brilliance, leverage their goals and aspirations and create powerful positive differences in their lives.

With Stephanie's unique combination of right-brained and left-brained thinking, intuitive insight and passion to see results, she helps people make their changes in record time.

Come join us on this call, it might help you transform your life, your business, your relationship and who knows what else.

Be sure to stop by Stephanie's website at the link below for a free goody just for us today:

 Stephanie Calahan Freebie


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Remember to live peacefully, happily, lovingly & successfully,



Jul 28, 2016
LNNL EP#008 Become the Queen of Your Queen-Dom

Do you ever wonder how you're going to climb the corporate ladder, or, if you're a beginner business owner?  How are you're going to get noticed and stand out in this uber busy marketplace?

Learn how to master your domain, be seen and heard.  Learn how to master the art of networking and rock your business

Erica Castner has helped many professionals help climb the corporate ladder, and help them communicate their message with power and poise.

Check out some free goodies from Erica that can be found here at the link below:

If you like today's episode, please share the love and stop by Life's Necessities & Luxuries to sign up for our newsletter where I can send you more tips, tricks and tutorials on how to live a luxurious and necessary life on a beer and pretzels budget.


Happy Listening,




Jul 20, 2016
LNNL EP#007 Awaken The Power Within

In today's interview, Victoria will help you break some of your bad habits and change your mindset on how to create some new good habits. 

Do you find your emotions tend to rule your world?  Do you get upset easily?  If so, then you should warrant a listen to today's episode.  Victoria Hargis is the author of "Raw Leadership - Awaken Your Power Within" she will help you change your internal negative thought pattern and help you break free from your bad habits and in turn create new good habits.

Learn how to change your vibration and become happier in the interim.

Take a listen, you'll be glad you did.

Here is a copy of the link to the book.  It's a great deal at $.99, you can't afford not to get a copy:

Victoria's Book

Please visit Victoria's website for a free PDF on the Fields of Power that are always around us and how we can change some of the for more energy and more power to make changes successfully:


join her facebook group for women only at:

I wish you much luck on your journey of self-improvement.

If you like today's episode, please share the love and stop by Life's Necessities & Luxuries to sign up for our newsletter where I can send you more tips, tricks and tutorials on how to live a luxurious and necessary life on a beer and pretzels budget.

Much love and success,

Dawn-Marie Mutell


Jun 7, 2016

Dr. Steve Taubman has hypnotized over 40,000 folks.  He can help you with your ANTs(Auto Negative Thoughts).  Let Dr. Steve help clear your mind and gain control over them once and for all.


Learn more about Dr. Steve:  and for a limited time if you purchase any items off Steve's website use the code: HAPPY (use all caps) for 20% off of your order.

If you like today's episode, please share the love and stop by Life's Necessities & Luxuries to sign up for our newsletter where I can send you more tips, tricks and tutorials on how to live a luxurious and necessary life on a beer and pretzels budget.

Live Happily, Peacefully & Successfully,




May 30, 2016

Do you find you put off some of the most important tasks in life until the very last second?  Join the club, I too have been very guilty of doing this myself.

Over the years, I've learned a couple of little tricks to keep me motivated.  I will share one of them with you today.  

Get ready to conquer and defeat procrastination once and for all.


May 23, 2016

Are you tired of the dating scene? Are you looking for that real love?  One that will last a lifetime.  It's so hard to find ways to meet people today let alone trying to really find a love that will be a one-of-a-kind love.  

Today's guest is Christina Courting.  I call her the "love doctor".  She has a system for dating which can really get and keep your man.  Check it out!


Learn more about Christina and her programs here at:


May 15, 2016

Are you tired of trying to lose weight and nothing seems to work?  Today I share ten of my favorite tips to shed pounds quickly.

I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist.  These tips are from various lessons I've learned over the year.  Check with your doctor before starting any dietary regimen.

Check out the Beauty Detox book by Kimberly Snyder for more tips on nutrition for beautiful skin and a beautiful body -

Let me know how it goes,  Please leave me a comment below to tell me about how it went for you.

Eat Well, Be Well,




May 9, 2016
LNNL EP#001 Want to Be Happy?

Maura Sweeney of Maura 4 U will share some insights as to how we can become happier and live more vibrantly.







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